What are the conditions for entry onto this Way?

Do you want to continue living in the future as you do now, or can you imagine risking a break-through, in order to gain new life?

Don’t delay in bidding farewell to a fragmented life, until your strength is failing and your life is near its end! Decision for a change of life-direction must be made here and now. Our life-span, which is loaned to us and for which we are responsible, is limited. The task of uncovering how we are enslaved by the contemporary-spirit, is urgent. Yes, we must recognise that which cuts us off from Life, in order to be freed.

In the practice of the “Exercises and Renunciation” – the keys to this Way – you will be sensitized to that which binds you. Do not lose more time before rejecting the contemporary manipulating powers to which we are delivered over. A break-through in consciousness will result from your decision to take this path: your authentic individuality will make its appearance. The unknown and hidden ‘self’ can come into consciousness, in so far as we recognise and renounce our identification with the social collective pressures with which we hitherto slavishly identified ourselves. On this path your life can be restored to its original authenticity.