Courses and Dates of Courses

The courses (Sesshins) are offered on three levels:

In Zen-Sesshin Basic the participant is introduced to a basic-understanding of Zen-exercises. The Way will be opened to him/her during the minimum of six hours of Exercises. Since this foundational theme permeates the entire path, this is also offered to those participants already in the process.

Zen-Sesshin I: The basic understanding is pre-supposed. The obstacles, experienced in intensified time of Exercises – approximately eight hours – will be addressed in the Teishou (Presentation of the Way ) and Dokusan ( Interview).

Zen-SesshinII is for those who are experienced; the Exercise-time lasts about ten hours. The interview is modified for lay-people: here it is a matter of bringing to light the obstacles which lie on this Way. In the presentations various texts are explained, and worked on in ways that participants gain wider insight into themselves.

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